Monday, February 14, 2011


Instead of celebrating it as something noble and sacred, instead of fomenting the exalted intention and exalting spirit that launched the “Day”, it is sad to know that there are certain individuals and organized groups apparently bent in making it but carnal in nature and egoistic in context. And this is exactly the case of associating Valentine’s Day with condoms - whether they are given away free or sold half their price. Thus it is that the “Day” becomes associated with but sex, contraception and motels.

The objective reality is exactly the opposite: Valentine’s Day is the affirmation of human love, the distinction of the affection reigning between a man and a woman. And rightly so. Even those people, who are avidly pro-contraception and/or pro-abortion, precisely came to life because of the consummate conjugal love between their fathers and mothers. In fact, anyone who is anti-life can only be such because of the life they already have trough their parents.

Those fighting tooth and nail for the passage of the RH Bill cannot but be very grateful because they were born long before its approval. And those who would be denied of life on account of the Bill, could be anything but grateful to them. This has special relevance to those who swallow abortifacient pills in order to spit out human lives in toilets, in dirty canals, in garbage dumps. They violate their own dignity and at the same time, kill babies of their own making. This is not only odious but also heinous.

Just for the record: “Marriage is a covenant… which of its own very nature is ordered to the well-being of the spouses, and to the procreation and upbringing of children…” Thus remains the teaching of the Church. Thus stands the provision of Canon Law (1055 par. CIC). And thus means Responsible Parenthood. The conjunction “and” says it all. The licitude of procreation rests on the pursuant obligation of the upbringing of the children born of the Covenant. And “upbringing” means caring for and nurturing, forming and educating them. Otherwise, procreation precisely becomes irresponsible parenthood.

Being some 2000 years old, relating with peoples of all colors, races and creeds, studying the norms of ethics and the imperatives of morals, it is definitely not the thinking and teaching of the Church that couples may have as many children as possible – without however neither the needed means nor the honest intention of attending to their “upbringing”. This brings to mind the intimate and inseparable relationship between the right to procreate and the obligation to up-bring children born of marriage. This is the Church Teaching. This is Church Law. This is the truth.

14 FEBRUARY 2011