Friday, February 04, 2011


Whereas absolutely no human person ever brought to existence anything found in any place of this big wide world, whereas categorically no human agent existence and/or life to any being found anywhere in the globe as a whole, and whereas the moment any member of humanity is born in the sphere of realities, he or she finds earthly goods and temporal resources already existent all over the land - - this standing truth and objective reality require neither profound study nor complex research to come up with the following basic conclusions: There are no individuals or families that may legitimately own everything. For that matter, there are neither families nor individuals who may be rightfully denied all earthly goods and/or temporal resources they legitimately require to live decently according to their human dignity.

No. this is not exactly an argument against communism where everybody is said to own everything, and therefore actually owns nothing. This is neither an objection to the right of private which individuals and corporate persons have and exercise in accordance with law. The phrase “in accordance with law” is one strict requirement not only by the pertinent norms of Ethical Philosophy but also by the relevant principles of Moral Theology. This is why there are certain legitimate questions not only about absolute monopolies but also against aggressive globalization. While the former has the motive and intent to exclude everybody else not therewith affiliated business, the latter on the other hand, has reference to few wealthy Countries with the intention and decision to further impoverish already poor people under different exploitative plans, programs and projects.

When some identified individuals and certain well known families practically divide and own the wealth of a nation among themselves with insatiable drive, theirs is the vice of greed that in effect generates other vicious conduct such as avarice and covetousness, inclusive of cheating and selfishness, inhumanity and injustice included. These are the individuals and families who think and behave like petty gods or goddesses destined to claim and own and enjoy everything – to the exclusion of everybody else. This reality is not alien to the socio-economic situation of the Country. While already distinctly wealthy or amazing rich, they even want much more to have, to own and to hold. They conveniently forget the infallible truth that they came into the world empty handed, and empty handed too they will leave it behind.

The universal destination of goods – this is the sound and solid truth under the following grave penalties: Social dissent and resentment. National dissatisfaction and disunity. And these spell social struggle.

04 FEBRUARY 2011