Friday, February 18, 2011


Now it can be said with both proper accounting and pursuant moral certitude that the Philippines is a rich Country, and that the fact of poverty therein is caused by gross graft and flagrant corruption perpetrated and perpetuated precisely by its leaders – individuals holding public offices seemingly for public welfare. The shameful stealing and scandalous burglarizing of public funds being gradually revealed in but the AFP are not only depressing to people but also the downgrading of their government. Yes! Everybody is presumed innocent until proven guilty – before the Court of Law. But before the Tribunal of Public Opinion, there are instances when certain individuals are presumed guilty until proven innocent!

If there is no much money in but one agency as the AFP, and with so much thereof going private pockets and individual families, the legitimate question that comes to mind is how many agencies are there in the government, how much money is poured therein? And this is money coming not only from direct and indirect taxes paid by every Filipino citizen from birth to death, but also from many different foreign grants? In a nutshell, the Philippines must be rich in resources but the Filipinos are poor in fact. And the practically omnipresent poverty in the Country has but graft and corruption as its well paired fundamental cause.

Thus comes the significance and implications of the then presidential shouts of “Ang matuwid na daan.” And “Kayo ang boss ko.” Among other claims, they respectively mean that there is no room for graft and corrupt practices in the present government, and that the common good of the people is its priority. Although truth hurts, it still remains worth asking: Where on earth is that straight road? How come the common good of the Filipinos remains but a dream? When would honesty and integrity be realities among all public officials? When would the people really trust and count on the service of their professed public servants?

This is not even to make mention of the so called “Truth Commission” – no less than E.O. 1! – that is supposed to be the super-duper agency to investigate and bring to justice particularly those infamous officials of the former government. But it just lies there and could die there. This is neither to mention that instead of the Executive Department with all its intelligence funds, investigative and prosecution agencies, it is the Legislative that is unearthing many different and huge graft and corrupt practices here and there – the ZTE deal included. So far so bad!

18 FEBRUARY 2011