Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In all probability, there are those who would abhor the phrase “Gambling Philippines” for one reason or another. They might find it offensive to good taste, to delicate sensitivity or something. For “good manners and right conduct”, they would rather say or call it “Gambling Philippines”. This is precisely how PAGCOR – the incarnation of professional or expert gambling the Country – prefers to call itself: The “Philippines Amusement and Gambling Corporation”. The objective reality however is that it is neither that amusing nor is it merely gaming. Now that the government owned and controlled corporation has been placed directly under the Office of no less than the Chief Executive - - for reason only known thereto - - the truth however still remains that PAGCOR could be neither amusing nor simply engaged in gaming.

There are times that the maxim “Let us call a spade, a spade” has to be observed under pain of falsity, hypocrisy or the like. And the reality is that this Country – whose flagship remains corruption plus poverty – has downright gambling accommodated for all the economic sectors or “classes” of Philippines society which are now not merely the standard three but actually four in number. There is gambling designed for all of them.

On top of the ladder are the “rich and famous”, the powerful and influential. And there is PAGCOR specifically established and operated for them. It has a good number of imposing gambling buildings in different places, nationwide. It even provides the so called “on-line gaming” in places frequented by people, locals or foreigners.

Then there is the “middle class”, i.e., individuals who have more than enough, and who wherefore find the time and have the means to gamble. Most of them go to PAGCOR to rub elbows with the cream of society, to take delight in the excitement brought about by big time gambling. For this class, there is also LOTTO. In fact, now being assiduously prepared assiduously placing bets on PONIES - - “just a text away”.

Then there is the “poor” who barely have the money to live decently in terms of food, shelter and clothing. Most of them also go for the JUETENG. But the government also has another gambling form being prepared for them: The “LOTERIA NG BAYAN”. Let it be well noted in all the so called “legal” gambling ventures, the government is the winner - always!

Then there is the “miserable” – those who sleep under the bridges, on the sidewalks, whenever and however. The government also has them in mind. Through illegal, there is the omnipresent JUETENG for them. Never mind if they are exploited by the Jueteng Lords and Operators. No to “Wang-Wang”! But JUETENG is OK. Interesting - - very interesting!

16 FEBRUARY 2011