Monday, February 21, 2011


"The State...shall protect...the life of the unborn from conception."

Thus stands the truth and trust the reality reads about a State Policy basically about someone who is human person, who is not yet born and who is but a conceived embryo in the womb of his or her mother. As no less than a policy, the State known as the Philippines is committed not simply to allow the unborn to reach his or her birth, but also categorically resolves to give protection thereto. And rightly so not only as enjoined by simple Ethics but also as affirmed by plain Morals. Reason: Without human life, what is there left in the here and now to be a subject of preoccupation? Without the human person,what is there worthy to consider, what is there righteous and just to be concerned about?

And then, lo and behold there is the infamous so called "RH Bill" that abhors population, that loves to control the birth of babies, and that legally opens the door to abortion. Those who draw the Bill, those who support it plus those Multinational Pharmaceuticals that finance it, can say what they want, can maneuver society as they wish. But all these and more may not destroy the truth nor demolish the reality that the said Bill is in fact promoting abortion by precisely making not merely contraceptive but also abortifacient pills available in the event that conception in fact takes place.

But notwithstanding everything said and done to have the Bill approved, the same remains downright unconstitutional.When this present government not merely allows but also promotes the approval of the Bill - notwithstanding its load and empty claims to the contrary - this is not merely controlling population but promoting downright murder of the unborn. More. the Bill also encourages promiscuity, advances irresponsibility, separates the right to copulation between spouses from the their obligation in the event that conception follows it. And to think that the actual Malacanang occupant kept shouting for the treading of the now tired and tiring election propaganda campaign of "Matuid na daan" - the advent and approval of the Bill that tramples on the fundamental right to life even of the unborn, equal gross immorality and flagrant unconstitutionality.

One thing is simple and practical: It was good that the fathers and the mothers of all those pro-RH Bill, did not use contraceptives nor shallowed abortifacient pills - the parents specially of the leading members of the Legislative and Executive Dapartments, included. Otherwise, none of them would be around at all! Or are they going to change the above cited constitutional provision?

21 FEBRUARY 2011