Friday, February 25, 2011


Finding: “Filipino science and technology workers leaving the country to work abroad jumping by 148 percent”. Perception: “Grim scenario”. Identification: “Nurses and midwives, Engineers, Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians and pharmacists.” Lamentation: “It is a sad fact that we are losing them. We hope that we can find ways to make more of them stay in the Country and use their talents here.”

Thus goes the report of a much circulated national broadsheet according to a pronouncement from the Department of Science and Technology. The “Brain Drain” started in 1998. While the said Department did not say that the sad phenomenon is on-going to these days, nevertheless it would be contrary to plain reality to say that it has stopped. The fact is that to date, there seems to be no foreign developed and developing country without the presence of OFWs. This is a standing fact that would be foolish if not downright irrational to deny.

The report is a cause for both rejoicing and mourning. Reasons for rejoicing: The Philippines has no mean number of Science and Education achievers. The Filipinos are thus in demand in many countries. The OFW remittances are what keep the Philippines economically afloat. Causes of mourning: The Philippines to date is stagnant in the sphere of development. The Filipinos wherefore prefer to go abroad to find work. The “Brain Drain” is one big bad news. It is difficult to find or hear even but one really big good news in the Country – notwithstanding the election “Cloud 9” promises and projections of the present supposedly dream-government.

In fact, the simplistic response and raw option of the present government is its favorite RH Bill: Away with human lives! Babies are unwelcome! Cut down the population! The certain immediate questions that thus come to mind are the following: Without human life, what is there to talk about, to be concerned with? How come babies who at least pay indirect taxes from birth to death, are now seen as the culprits of poverty and misery in the Philippines? Is it the Filipino population in general that is the cause of gross graft and corrupt practices in government?

More: Is this all the intelligence and competence that the Executive Department has to show? Is it better not to have brains at all in this Country than to suffer from a “Brain Drain”? Does the outmigration of Filipino scientists and technologists, and their marching to other countries, proclaim the promise or shout the hopelessness in the Philippines under the incumbent national leadership?

25 FEBRUARY 2011