Friday, January 28, 2011


The DILG is definitely not poor because it does not have the needed funds to satisfactorily pay its personnel, to acceptably finance it operations. The DILG is certainly neither poor for not having the money to run all its affiliated agencies, to undertake its important intelligence task, but, yes, the DILG is poor basically on account of its queer structure and thereby dubious operational competence plus pursuant accountability to the general public that financially sustains the whole Department with their omnipresent direct and ominous indiroot toxoo, paid to death.

First of all is that the DILG has but an Acting Secretary in charge of the Local Government, with however a permanent Undersecretary having the direction of the PNP. But much more than this unique and interesting administrative arrangement, the said Undersecretary directly relates with and reports to the Chief Executive himself – not to the Secretary. This makes the DILG but one agency with practically two independent heads. One body with two heads is neither standard nor healthy – if not sick and sickening.

Then, there is the much talked about disturbing information that while the but Acting Secretary is a long proven able executive, it is said that the permanent Undersecretary is such simply because of a rather long and close standing friendship with the Malacanang occupant – plus the likewise said avowed fidelity, if not only obedience but subservience in effect. It is further said that the righteousness of the same personality appears open to question. The composite of these alleged liabilities is anything but reassuring of DILG administrative credibility and competence.

Lastly, there is the recent litany of downright hideous criminal plus felt ideological disturbances, Cars stolen and burned. Car traders mutilated and murdered. A bus blown up with passengers either killed or hurt. More than anything else, these are primarily PNP concerns and consequent responsibility. Lo and behold, the said permanent DILG undersecretary directly having administrative supervision over the PNP is said to remain calm and cool, to have said and done nothing at all. It seems that to this writing, he has not been even seen at all, in anyplace and at anytime. There is wherefore but the acting DILG Secretary taking the heat of the situation.

While the Chief Executive can say the proper words, can act with proper concern and also make proper visits here and there, truth to say, all these do not sell – “Do not cut.” as the saying goes. In other words, the Executive Department as a whole has much to answer to the people for such ongoing breaking of law and order in the land. In others words: The buck stops there.

31 JANUARY 2011