Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Many things have been said for many times about something many individuals have been clamoring for, about the many benefits of the so called “political will” in governance – specially so on the part of the present corporate leadership. The common perception is that there is a big mixture of the excellent and the mediocre, the good and the bad in the over-all actuation of the incumbent administration.

Some good things: Exorcism of government agencies reeking with Officials with super-big salaries and great perks. Amnesty for the then dissenting military personnel. Release of the “Morong 43” – minus three. Attempts for socio-economic development. Intention to redeem poor and chosen families through cash transfers.

Some bad things: Comical but fatal handling of the infamous “Hostage Crisis”. Ire towards the Supreme Court for a negative judgment on EO n. 1. Criminality in many places, many times with many victims. Academic super performance ratings. Reactive not pro-active governance.

Popular conclusion: The present administration has no “Political Will”! Question: What is “Political Will” in plain and simple language? What is its origin? Where is it anchored? What is good about it? What public benefits does it bring? What is its exact opposite?

Answer: “Political Will” is resolve, determination, conviction. Its origin is personal character. It is anchored on strength of the volitional faculty. It sends clear and straight messages to one and all. It tells the general public what to expect for certain. Their opposites are the “off and on” mode, the “now you see now you don’t” optional pattern, the “urong-sulong” approach. Its opposite is clarity of thinking and resoluteness of will plus decisiveness in action pattern.

The necessary and practical premises of “Political Will” are the same-irrespective of time and place, color and creed: Knowledge plus intelligence and wisdom. Needless to say, these are not the attributes of the incompetent, the mediocre and wherefore the inefficient. From an empirical view point, “Political Will” is not inherited. But neither does in come to someone simply on account of knowledgeable, intelligent and/or wise advisers. This is a fact which not all noble, exceptional and eminent arguments to the contrary, could make it a non-fact.

05 JANUARY 2011