Monday, January 10, 2011


There is something not only quite strange but also very wrong when someone proclaiming himself as the incarnation of honesty and integrity, wants no “Wang-Wang” in the streets in Metro-Manila, yet allows “Jueteng” to thrive in many parts the Country. The tabooed sound merely inconveniences some motorists every now and then. But the illegal numbers’ game continuously exploits the poor millions of the population, and incessantly corrupts a big number of local officials plus their PNP counterparts.

No to “Wang-Wang”! It is hard to wake up in the morning to be in time for a given occasion. It is taxing to arrive on time to presence a public event. Arriving late is thus readily justified because “Wang-Wang” is not used. It has to be conceded that this scheme is not only convenient but also ingenious.

Yes to “Jueteng”! Why? It is downright illegal, yet on and on it goes, all the days of the week, all the weeks of the year. Money is consistently taken precisely from those who have less in life. And the money infallibly goes to the big and deep pockets of those precisely tasked to stop the illegal activity.

The previous administration said something and did exactly the opposite as far as “Jueteng” is concerned. It even had a special law enacted supposedly to stop the illegal numbers game. Among the many and impressive penalties supposedly for imposition against the violators is not only cash but also imprisonment. And the law was dead the moment it was signed.

The present administration is cuddling a special ire against the previous one precisely on account of corruption. There is even the now famous attempt to put up a special Commission with a special task to place behind bars those special shady characters in the former administration. But lo and behold! The incumbent administration calmly and silently allows the pervasive corruption brought about by “Jueteng”.

All the while there was the popular and fervent expectation that the now ruling administration would be the antithesis of the previous one particularly in the matter of eradicating corruption - - such as by vanishing “Jueteng Lords” from the face of the Country. Needless to say, the expectation has become either a big joke or a huge shame.

What? “Matuid na daan.” “Kung walang corrupt, walang maghirap.” “Kayo ang aking boss.” Come on, get real!

10 JANUARY 2011