Wednesday, January 12, 2011


No! This is neither a matter of actual certainty nor a guilty verdict. This is not even an accusation but simply an expression of regret. This is not even a censure but merely a manifestation of pity and awe regarding the news carried by tri-media, both national and local. The perplexing question is what went really wrong; how could it ever take place; what happens at the end of the day? And has this Country become the fertile breeding place of incarnate thieves’ vis-à-vis thievery unlimited?

Plunder. Money laundering. Tax evasion. These are the alleged three gross wrongdoings. Father. Wife. Three children. These are the named suspects in the case. Plea bargain agreement. Cash assets said to have been returned to the public coffers: US$ 7 thousand plus. US$ 145 thousand plus. US$ 158 thousand plus. US$ 220 thousand plus. US$ 227 thousand plus. PH Pesos 1 million 749 thousand plus. Ph Pesos 5 million 570 thousand plus. Total: Ph 135 million plus but said to be Ph 175 million in reality. Addition: Valuable assets in kind.

The immediate questions that come to mind in conjunction with this mind staggering case are the following: Who knows how much money was really stolen from the Philippines government? Who are the others actually involved in such a huge and blatant thievery? Who can truly say how much money has not been returned to the public coppers? Who says that someone could steal so much money, then return some of it, keep the rest of it, and that’s it? And how many would dare engage in such an enormous and scandalous family thievery?

In Ethics, such a corporate domestic phenomenon has one basic origin or primary cause: Family greed! The ingrained evil in this detestable and devastating vice is domestic insatiability in material possessions. A whole family can already be deeply buried in wealth – in cash and in kind. Yet it effectively feels in great need, in big want. This is the premise of the voracious need for progressively more and more possessions. And this is precisely the fatal curse of the vice of greed.

Greed is considered a capital errancy. Reason: Anything and/or anybody is expendable for someone who is greedy and thus avidly and squarely focused in getting. Having and keeping increasingly bigger wealth. Never mind if the greedy has but one body to keep, one family to support. Strange but true: Someone greedy is like someone dying of thirst while drowning in fresh and cool water!

12 JANUARY 2011