Monday, January 24, 2011


There are more and more criminals in the Country. There are more and more heinous crimes done. There is more and more fear in the streets, in the community. Murders are ordinary events. Rapes are no longer big news. Hence, there is much anger among the people as there is a signal preoccupation among the legislators of the Land. Conclusion: After it was legislated, and after it was subsequently abolished, here we go again: There is loud clamor for the reinstitution of death penalty. Understandable but not acceptable.

This is not to say that the said reaction among the Filipinos and some members of the Legislative Department is not pursuant to psychological and/or emotional factors. Yet, it remains unreasonable. There seems to be big cash and/or kind such as ransoms, cars, vendettas and other benefits. In this Country, crime does pay particular in no less than three counts.

First, there is the Legislative Department itself that has been making more and more laws in the course of time, changing these in the course of time, if not actually abolishing them also in the course of time. It would not be an easy task to know or to keep track of what and how many laws the said Department has enacted, derogated and/or abrogated in the past several decades and counting. By the way, the laws in the order of nature are but ten which has been in fact even reduced into but Two – Love of God. Love of neighbor – in the order of grace. Yet, even these but Ten Commandments or simply Two Mandates are by and large ignored by humanity in general for centuries and counting.

Second, there is the Executive Department that nonchalantly fails to have the many laws duly imposed and accordingly observed. It has many agencies and offices precisely founded and funded for the citizens in general, to comply with the laws of the land. The sad and open truth however is that in many instances, the supposed law enforcers are the lawbreakers themselves. This is not to mention that some members of anti-crime units become the criminals themselves. How sad. But how true.

Third, there is the Judicial Department that is by and large dysfunctional: Plunderers get a big share of the plunders made. Mass murderers get big protection from the law. Cases wait so long for their eventual resolution in perfect contradiction to the saying that “Justice delayed is justice denied”. Thus is it that the local and national prisons are filled up with poor and/or ignorant people. The wealthy and powerful stay with or go back to their luxurious life in luxurious villages enjoying luxurious ambience.

Death penalty with a continuous law manufacturing Department, an incompetent Executive plus a dysfunctional Judicial Department – such cannot be anything else than a big bad joke!

26 JANUARY 2011