Friday, January 14, 2011


Something is definitely wrong, disturbing and dangerous in the present Philippine society. And meantime, nothing decisive and convincing is being done by the government through its several agencies precisely designed for and financed by the general public to keep them safe and in peace – as they go about in their day to day living. The social malediction is called “Criminality”. Its pejorative qualification is “Unlimited”. Translation: Crimes are thriving, rampant and unchecked!

Murders in broad daylight. Assassinations wherever and whenever convenient. Kidnappings. Rapes. Hold-ups. Stealing. Snatching. Name it and its there – day and night, anytime and anywhere. Add to all these the finding of this and that dead fetus left by the roadside, thrown to the garbage – not to mention at least once left in an airplane. Conscience is dysfunctional. Morality is but a word. Evil has become the order of the day. The law is inutile. The law enforcers are without force. The victims of crimes are down and known. The criminals remain unidentified and free.

When human lives become cheap, then there are no basic human rights to freedom and quest for happiness, to talk about. And when fundamental human rights are violated without qualm of conscience, then human dignity becomes a big joke. The rule of law - not the rule of criminals – is what makes people safe, what brings about social unity and peace, not to mention progress and development. The rule of criminals is a gross human curse, a flagrant social malediction.

The more significant lessons that can be learned from the criminal with impunity in the Country are the following: Let everyone take care of himself, herself or of the whole family. But just the same, when a crime has been committed, let no one demand – much less expect--of eventually having the criminal behind bars. And in the event that the criminals were actually caught, the complainants would already be old yet the case remains “on trial”. This is particularly true in the event that the criminal has powerful and influential backers.

If the present sad state of affairs in this Country remains for long, this will bring about one big social malaise: Law and order – good bye! Then: Woe to innocent citizens who only want to live in peace with one another! And "blessed" are the criminals who exercise dominion over the land! This is exactly the ground reality in some parts of the Philippines that precisely brings about travel bans issued by certain Countries. What a pity when the Filipino people have just been treated with the drowned tourism cry: “Pilipinas Kay Ganda!”

14 JANUARY 2011