Monday, January 03, 2011


This is interesting - if not really intriguing. There was once that well known and famous conglomeration aptly called "Kamag-Anak Incoporated". The then government was primarily anchored on the popularity of a family member - plus a dynasty of the wealthy and the powerful in the Country. Without the least intention at all of offending anybody in anyway, as expected, rightly and effectively governing a Nation could not be be premised on but popularity.

Together with integrity, competence is a prime requisite - specially on the part of the none other than the Head of Government. The said required competence has a special relevance precisely on account of the Executive Power thereto appended. An incompetent Executive is all that it takes to disorient a people, to ruin a Country. Let it be said though that the inherent weakness of a democracy is when elections are basically popularity contests - wherein competence is wherefore irrelevant.

And now, following the same lineage in Philippine government, there is said to be something akin to the "kamaganak Inc." - with some kind of a twist. This time it is dubbed the "Barkada Inc." Those who coined this phrase, do not exactly deserved to be blamed nor denounced, much less damned by those intimately concerned in such a more and more decidedly perceived reality in the present administration. Never mind if the present government is said to work like a "Student Council" according to a well known and respected political figure. Never too if another famous and much appreciated political personality said that the incumbent administration has but 2011 to shape up or ship out - or something the like.

What do the citizens concerned see in the ruling administration that made them say that it is much influenced if not altogether controlled by a "Barkada Inc."? It is not really that difficult for them to arrive at such a conclusion: There seems to be but either of two criteria to get into coveted government positions: Political gratitude or intimate friendship. It is definitely much better if the two criteria are present in one and the same individual. Then, this becomes invincible and wherefore untouchable.

No, the governance of the Country is not that bad - but neither is it that good. There is that persisting perception that Malacanang is but reactive, not pro-active, that it is here and there but not where it really matters. And needless to say, in such a socio-political situation, the "Barkada Inc." is not of any help but rather a big heavy burden.

03 JANUARY 2011