Monday, December 20, 2010


To this date and time, surveys made to show the standing of the leadership in the present administration can be said as “So far, so good.” Translation: Majority of the Filipinos still places their trust and repose their hope upon the person of their incumbent President. However, there seems to be a fast brewing dissatisfaction with the person and/or the members of his Cabinet. This is in addition to the commonly known fact that there is a standing division among them into two political factions, with one thereof appears to be continuously trying to overcome if not undo the other, as a matter of course.

From the above political situation, the following can be said with moral certainly: That in general, the people of the Philippines remain the wind beneath the wings of their national leader – notwithstanding the unfortunate phenomenon that his own cabinet has precisely become his political liability. There is one key question that comes to fore - - considering the above noted state of affairs in Malacanang: Up to when will the Filipinos look at their national leader with admiration for his person and expectation for their better future? To answer the question, it might help to consider the following realities.

First is the fact that, unwanted and/or painful though it be, the occupant of the Office of the President is where he is not really because of any known competence or proven personal achievement. His credentials come from his parental origin – not really from personal attributes. There must be those who would not think much less accept this transference. But truth is at times painful to accept - but the truth it remains.

Second is the added fact, obvious or otherwise, that the same personality took over Malacanang not really by his own merits but more on account of the eventually unbearable shenanigans of the administration. The unpopularity of the immediately past national leadership made the present one, popular. While the above reality may be unpleasant to think about and hard to agree with, an honest down-to-earth logic reaches no other rational and tenable conclusion.

Third is the supplemental fact that there is a gradually increasing disappointment plus dissatisfaction with the way the Office of the President in running the affairs of the Nation – courtesy of its perceived amateur immediate assistants. One thing is certain: It takes a wise man to choose wise advisers and to accept wise counsels. There is nothing profound nor complex about this sound solid reflection.

Hence: How long will there be wind beneath the wings of someone in big need thereof?

20 DECEMBER 2010