Friday, December 03, 2010

tyranny of numbers vs force of truth

Popularity vs reality, opinion vs fact, perception vs authenticity – these are some expressions that can encapsulate the now reigning debate on the so called “Reproductive Health Bill”. Those leading the drive for the public official distribution of man-made contraceptives - - together with their avid followers - - are joyfully and publicly rejoicing for their foreseen victory in the eventual passage of the Bill.

By and large, the primary arguments so far invoked by the patrons of the Bill to proclaim and promote their anti-population stand, may be synthesized into three arguments: First is the poverty of the Filipinos for being too many in number and consequent needs. Second is the expressed mention of the use of condoms by no less than the Vatican, deliberately cited out of context. Third is the acclaim that majority of the Filipinos favor the passage if the said Bill.

Let it said that Church Doctrine premised on faith and reason is not in any way rendered true or false merely by the opinion of the majority or minority of the people concerned. The empirical reality and ground certainly of Church Doctrine is that it is firmly anchored on objective truth – never, never on its acceptability or popularity among those concerned.

The Church is the oldest and well known Institution in the world, existing in all known continents of the world. She is in fact some 2000 years old--and counting. In the course of world history, whole peoples raised clenched fists against her to vanish her from the face of the earth. Mighty and influential individuals across the centuries sought her destruction and annihilation. Millions even left her fold by subscribing to anti-Catholic teachings and practices. This is not to mention those who harbor hatred and disdain against the Church as a whole – even to this date.

The glaring truth of the matter however is that the Church is still there – still alive and active, still teaching and proclaiming her doctrine, still defending the dignity of every man, woman and child. Sad but true, everyone – and this means everybody – who dared contest her doctrine drawn from faith and reason, eventually die, disappear and ultimately fall into oblivion. And the Church they hated for teaching the truth contrary to their liking, conviction, especially but for personal motives, still stands and remains up and about – simply attending to her Mission. And thus she is destined to be till the end of time – according nothing less than the expressed will of her Founder.

In short, the Reproductive Health Bill may be much acclaimed and very popular. And the Bill however remains deceitful, fallacious, and false--in truth, in fact.

03 December 2010