Wednesday, December 15, 2010


There is this well-known song about a famous lady who made people look in awe and caused them to dream many dreams of deep longing and profound admiration. And eventually took place with a sense of loss and pity, was that the said happy and hopeful dreams were placed at her own doorstep. And what happened? This: “They just lied there. And they died there”! Needless to say, this is not only saddening but also distressing. The hope was fading. The dreams were going – until these could be in fact gone in due time. The longings and aspirations should have been picked up from the doorstep and brought to their happy realization or fulfillment.

Above is exactly the picture and story of the present administration which – sad to say - - has already wasted so much hopes and destroyed so many dreams of those who precisely gave it the mandate and the power to govern. And this is but a short time after the so called “honeymoon period”. In other words, whereas the previous administration did all possible graft and corrupt practices, the now ruling administration had it very easy taking over – with its loud and repeated proclamations of self-righteousness and integrity.

Thus it was that many dreams for a better Philippines have been reposed by people at the doorstep of Malacanang. And as song aptly said it: The hopes for a better government plus the aspirations for a dependable administration simply remain but dreams. While it is said that “Hope springs eternal”. And that Filipinos as a whole wherefore should not completely give up their trust and belief in the sitting national leadership, the reality however seems to point out the objective truth that there is in fact less and less confidence in the said headship in the Country.

There is nothing less than the very first Executive Order that was thrown out of the window – so to speak – by the highest Court in the land. And the immediate results of this Malacanang debacle are the following: The domestic community perceived to have ruined the socio-economic future and moral bearing of the nation, is now in peace and at ease. And the blazing incompetence of the incumbent administration is a big blessing to the said family. “They just lied there”.There is the clamor for and expectation of a functional Justice System in the Country where humane consideration should be given to the poor and miserable, and where justice should catch instead the proverbial big fishes in the national scene. But there are now more killers, bigger criminals and expert thieves – the Jueteng Lords and Jueteng Operators well included – who remain happily free and gleefully laughing at the public authority from top to bottom. “And they died there”.

15 DECEMBER 2010