Monday, December 13, 2010


It can be said that the place of “Morong” and the number of “43” have been repeatedly mentioned and frequently heard - - not only among Filipinos but Foreigners as well. And people here and abroad who are promoters of human dignity, who are protective of human rights and/or who are simply concerned with humanitarian wellness – all of them have raised their voices of sorrow and in dismay. Reasons: The big invasion made on the place, the effective capture of the suspect individuals plus their imprisonment to this date – all these events have much to answer before the bar of public opinion and the norms of ethics and morals.

The truth is that the so called “Morong 43” is but another big debit appended to the present administration, as well as another argument against the justice system in this Country – not to mention the danger and lawlessness therein perceived by foreign nationals who are precisely advised to keep themselves away from the Philippines. No. It is not yet true that ours is a “broken” Country. But it is not exactly whole either – especially so in it the interpretation and application of its laws that become usually divested of humanity and prudence as far as the poor and the helpless are concerned.

By the way, the former “Morong 43” has now in fact become “Morong 45”. Why? Just in case there are still some people who do not know the real score, the truth of the matter is that no less than two beautiful and immaculate babies were born from two long since incarcerated pregnant women. These two tiny creatures whose only do breathing and drinking milk, are now also in prison. Hence, no expert mathematicians and no profound thinkers are needed to conclude as a matter of fact. That there is now the “Morong 45”

While the relatively new administration has already incurred a hundred and one socio-political set-backs, it is rather hard to imagine that the “Morong” 43/45” would prove to be a positive entry in its score card. The incumbent administration is but confirming the on the ground reality that it takes much more than mere good intentions and nice declamations to run – rightly and effectively - the national government. In addition thereto, competence is imperative. What a big pity if such a necessary attribution in governance appears nowhere to be found – neither in the principal nor its auxiliaries.

Without the least saying in the domain of fortune tellers and the worth of soothsayers, it is quite interesting to note that the number “45” has it own fearsome insinuation – such as a 45 caliber gun. When it is fired, the result is usually fatal. Comprende?
13 DECEMBER 2010