Saturday, December 25, 2010

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 2010 “Glory to God in the highest and peace to men of good will.”(Luke 2:14)

Thus the angels sang that cold yet bright night when Christ was born. The angelic song was heard by the shepherds with much awe and delight. And so it was that the highly singular phenomenon became faithfully recorded in the Gospel written by St. Luke. There must be something truly profound and really eminent about the event - - even if only for the following simple and also mysterious reasons: First is the song sung by angels who are known as pure spirits who are nearest to God in the heavenly hierarchy. Then, there is now that unforgettable song heard on the occasion of the birth of Christ. Who is true God and true Man. Finally, the song categorically makes the distinctly close relationship between God and man whereby Divinity and humanity are intimately thereby linked.

What in truth is the inherent meaning of the angelic message given on the occasion of the first Christmas? What is the fundamental teaching proclaimed by the song? What wherefore are the angels themselves telling the world then and now, during that simple age and these modern times? It would be not only a big pity but also a big loss if the said “meaning”, “teaching” and “telling” would not be brought to fore and thereby according remembered for their proper consideration in the day-to-day life of the “modern” men and women of today.

This: God and man are so intimately linked or related that one necessarily implies the other, and the other way around. God becomes more relevant because of bringing man to reality. Man on the other hand becomes more significant and dignified precisely by reason of his affiliation with God Himself. This is why just as God is intimately behind man and hereto confers his human dignity and pursuant human rights, man cannot afford to discard God from his life nor trample upon the good and welfare of any other fellow-man.

In other words, the song thus sung by the angels themselves on the occasion of the first Christmas when God become man, emphatically says that when God in heaven is glorified by man by following though but His Ten Commandments here on earth – such as not stealing, not killing, not even coveting what is not rightfully his – the immediate fortunate and endearing result of this are two, viz., God is gloried and man is in peace.

Then it becomes easy to understand when people become miserable, why Filipinos are pitiable. But the angelic Christmas song already long since said what man must do in order to have peace – and the blessings that come therefrom.

25 DECEMBER 2010