Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Without the least intention of offending anybody, much less of insulting anyone, and without losing sight of the days of songs and joy during this time of the year, it nevertheless remain in order to call attention to the status of gambling in the Country – as a reality call. Yes. It was already proliferating before during the previous administration. But surprise, surprise: Gambling in the Philippines has developed far and wide during the incumbency of the present national leadership that is supposed to be held by someone whose value system is repeatedly claimed and loudly proclaimed as unconditionally sterling and absolutely honorable.

The fact however says something else – if not exactly the opposite. It can be said without doubt nor fear that the vice of gambling in this Country had moved much forward to the extent that the following domestic simile can be now used to give a better and bigger picture of how really notorious and vicious is the status of gambling in the Philippines: Pagcor is the big brother. PCSO is a sibling. Jueteng is a bastard.

That Pagcor is the Big Brother in the gambling industry of the Country is saying the obvious – not only in terms of its huge and impressive buildings but also considering its dedicated local and foreign clients. That PCSO is the sibling of Pagcor is a recent yet certified development – not simply by reason of its national multi-tiered Lotto and also on account of its option to maintain local “Loteriang Bayan” or something the like, also all over the Country. That Jueteng is the bastard of gambling specially in Luzon and particularly among the poor and the unlettered who are thus shamelessly exploited precisely by those tasked to observe the law and promote their welfare.

It might be but right and just to call attention to the following facts in order to bring gambling in the Country to its more proper perspective. First, Pagcor has been placed directly under the Office of the President. Second, PCSO is recently moved as well, under the same Office of the President. Third, the said Office does not consider the eradication of Jueteng as a “priority”. These three facts in turn forward the following conclusion: That instead of labor and industry, Filipinos are more taught and led to repose their future on luck in various forms of gambling. Or is it about time that the Filipinos should be told and convinced that gambling is after all, the way to development and progress under this administration.

Filipinos are poor not only because their remain needy but also because of the culture of gambling they are being led to!

22 DECEMBER 2010