Friday, December 31, 2010


Lately, there have been really nasty things said and done about the Philippines – which of course and the Philippines stand for the Filipinos own the Philippines, and the Philippines stand for the Filipinos. This is why, it is still the Filipinos who know better their Country and who remain the best judge where the Republic is going. Thus it is that while not only foreign Countries but also foreign organizations have the right to express their respective opinions about the Philippines, the truth remains that the Filipinos are more knowledgeable about their own Country and have the better evaluative perception of their own Land.

Not too long ago, there were certain foreign governments that formally dissuaded their citizens to visit the Philippines: It is dangerous to lives and limbs. Thereafter, there was an Asian based civil rights organization that said that the Philippines is a “broken” nation – or something the like. And more than a week ago, there were so called diplomats of a foreign Country who branded the Philippines a “basket case”.

It is true in principle that one self is better judged by others as to his/her attributions and/or liabilities, and that Filipinos wherefore should not immediately disregards what other peoples say about them. It is however also true that the Filipinos who were born and continue to live in the Philippines, are neither that naïve nor dim-witted not to known where their Country is going, what their government is doing, and how the Philippines is faring during these admittedly difficult and trying times.

If some foreign government look at the Philippines as a dangerous place to be at, they better be sure that the Countries they represent are really safe for and kind to the foreigners going thereto and/or living therein. If this or that foreign human rights grouping perceived the Philippines as “broken”, the truth is that this entity is based in a place that is exactly a broken piece of another Country. And if there are diplomats who dare claim that the Philippines is a basket of waste, they have only little time to wait for the own Country to become a whole waste for the vengeance of the environ they continue to exploit as if there were no tomorrow.

The whole point in all this is that Filipinos know better about the Philippines as to its ups and downs, its joys and fears, its present and future. While they should listen to what foreigners say about the Philippines, the Filipinos still remain more knowledgeable about their own “Bayang Magiliw”.

31 DECEMBER 2010