Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Now it can be said in the open and with certainly: The Battle is joined. No more “ifs” and “buts”. No more empty “talks” and vain “dialogues” for show. No more vague “perhaps” and “just in case” posturing for public consumption. The now firmly standing reality is that there are two principal contesting parties in conjunction with the infamous Reproductive Health Bill: One appears like a big giant, having all the power of the office and the command of public funds. The other one has but the tenure of truth based on faith and reason. The former has become popular and even endearing to the general public. The latter has been abandoned by her supposed following, in addition to appearing like one good joke.

On one side, there is this middle-age bachelor president who officially and emphatically proclaimed his support for and affirmation of “Responsible Parenthood” through the use of all kinds of artificial contraceptive pills, injectable and rubbers – self-mutations included like male vasectomy and female tubal ligation. While he claims to be against abortion, he does not really care if certain listed contraceptive means are abortifacient. He claims that in perfect accord with democratic principles, people have the prerogative of “free choice” – although and strangely so, physicians and other experts unwilling to cooperate with the HR Bill, are considered in trouble with the law.

Specifically in conjunction with the phrase “Responsible Parenthood” – the strange, interesting and disturbing fact is that the same blessed single head of state does not even butt a eye in believing and presuming that “Responsible Parenthood” and artificial contraception are a compatible pairing. Precisely, separating the right to copulate from the duty of openness to life is downright irresponsible. It is the same as a spouse wanting and getting all possible delight in marital union yet excluding all possible obligations that may emerge therefrom though conception.

On the other side, there is this church that is some 2000 years old, that is established in all known continents of the world, that has teachings, tear her apart eventually to get rid of her. Her doctrine is hard to observe and inconvenient to follow. But while all those who wanted her doctrine out and teaching done away with, are eventually nowhere to be found – except six feet under the ground, and mostly even forgotten.

The Church teaching against man-made contraception is as old as the Scriptures: There was this man called “Ona” who engaged in sexual acts with his wife, and finished this by scattering his seeds on the ground. God punished him and the sin is since then known as “Onanism”. Translation: Artificial Contraception.
It will be interesting to watch and wait who between the two principal protagonist in the battled joined, will last, remain and stand still.

08 DECEMBER 2010