Monday, December 06, 2010


These are good times. These are bad times.

These good times: As a people, the Filipinos are poor yet always hopeful. They may be helpless but remain resourceful. They have survived not only the martial law regime but the reign of graft and corruption in effect left the People of the Philippines stronger in spirit and more persevering in their resolve of facing and wrestling with devastating political shenanigans and economic debacles – until they regain their lost sovereignty.

Tyrants came and went. Oppressors appeared and left. And the Filipinos simply continued with living their lives – remaining resolved to do better and hoping for better times. This in itself is a signal, empirical and historical lesson especially for those on “top of heap” for being in tenure of power and having dominion over wealth. Would that they remember while they are presently living in cloud 8, circumstances of one kind or another eventually bring them to the real world of the hard hitting realities of life.

These are bad times. Concretely in conjunction with the present ruling government with its dear personal friends and big political beneficiaries, while it is true that it has come about with certain reactionary accomplishments here and there – even without a National Plan of action of one kind or another – it has to be nevertheless noted, with a heavy heart even – that the present administration has demonstrated but mediocrity in its affirmations and resolutions. And this is a great pity. Considering that practically everything devious and odious has been flagrantly done by the previous government, it was readily thought and presumed that the now ruling personage could do no wrong. The truth of the matter however is that there already voices and moves that can be anything but flattering, much less favorable to the present administration.

There is the “SORRY YELLOW MOVEMENT”, the Officers and Members of which openly express their repentance for unconditionally supporting and rallying behind the reincarnated bearer of the “Yellow Ribbon”’ then there is the so also the called “ROCK P-NOY”, an increasing group of people resolved to dig out and expose the economic debacles and social liabilities being committed by the Chief Administrator in trying to run the government in vain. And there is furthermore the “SHAME CAMPAIGN MOVEMENT” resolved to expose the big vanities and banalities of the governance of the Chief-in-Command. No wonder then that a well-seasoned politician said that the present government is run like a Student Council – to the offence of certain Student Councils.

06 DECEMBER 2010