Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Before it could even formally and decidedly begin looking for the truth particularly about the perceived big falsities of the former national leadership specifically in terms of large scale corruption, it is anything but a secret that the “Truth Commission” has been meeting a good amount of reservations. The doubts about it specially touch about its nature and authority as “created” by the Executive Branch of Government, its rationale and finality vis-à-vis the official constitution and purpose of the Office of the Ombudsman, not to mention the competence of the Department of Justice now headed by a very able, dedicated and courageous Secretary.

This not to mention other uncertainties about the newly born “Commission” such as the following: The Supreme Court is treating the formal complaint against it in regard to its rationale and standing, with judicial prudence and caution. The preferential if not exclusive concern of the “Commission” to find the “Truth” about the perceived many and serious corrupt practices of the past administration, is such as if there were no other numerous and gross corrupt practices in the other sections of the previous government. Furthermore, there is that quasi omnipotent stance and omniscient posture of the “now” Malacanang on the findings of the entity specifically charged with looking into the big mess made by certain government officials in the now international infamous hostage-taking.

No, let it be herein expressly said that is not meant to question the capability and resolve of the named individual members of the “Commission” – but instead intended to question the competence and skill of the its creator with the latter’s one or two named legal counsels. This duly revealed “trinity” strangely and dubiously changed the major findings and pursuant key resolutions of the above said Review Committee that heard everybody concerned in the mess - - practically 24/7 - - to unravel the “who” and “what”, the “when” and “how”, behind the big mess brought about but by one disgruntled policeman. In fact, the blatant disregard and flagrant reversals made by the said “Trinitarian composite” on the conclusions of the Review Committee understandably moved the latter’s Chairperson – who happened to be nobody less than the Secretary of Justice – to contemplate the idea of resignation.

All major graft and corrupt practices authored and/or inspired by the now “out but not off” administration in the various agencies of the then ruling government, cannot but be assiduously investigated for eventual judgments thereon. There are loud cries for justice coming from the many sectors of Philippine society, considering that the ultimate victims of such large-scale misdeeds are the People of the Philippines themselves. But, questions: First, does the “Truth Commission” have the official standing and the required authority to do its given task? Second, can and will the “Commission” really find the objective “Truth” about the cases brought to its attention? Third and what again will the above cited three-men “composite” do with its findings and consequent conclusions? Just asking.

03 NOVEMBER 2010