Monday, November 29, 2010


The administration appears to be on some of a “Change-Mode” – or something the like. Change what is changeable – without minding what is right, true and just. Invent what has long been invented – without regard to reality. Fix what is not broken. All these action and reaction patterns are not simply mediocre but downright puerile. Meantime, what are blatantly wrong remains uncorrected – such as the exploitation of the poor through street gambling? Killings remain. Thieveries abound. Poverty stays.

This is exactly the case in the following interesting changes: There is the out “RP” in favor of “PH” which brings to mind some kind of a wash. There is also the out “Wow Philippines” and go in “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” supposedly to lure foreign tourist into the Country who know or understand Pilipino. And there is further the out “Sovereign Guarantee” and come in “PPP” - Private-Public Partnership - - which is however essentially the same as the former though coached in a cryptic expression.

Specifically on two occasions in well publicized travels of the Chief Administrator going to USA and then to Japan. After each trip, there infallibly was the equally much proclaimed multi-million or even multi-billion companies. With the timely announcement of the PPP, it is clear that the companies concerned will only invest in the Country on proviso of the respective sovereign guarantees of their individual capitalization.

PPP translation: the in-coming private investors are assured of the returns of their investments – capital plus income – through the use or application of public funds. In other words, they undergo neither risks nor uncertain investment returns. PPP guarantor: The Republic of the Philippines even after this administration is long out of office and relevance. PPP source: The no-stop direct and indirect taxes of Juan de la Cruz from birth to death.

“Poor Philippines!” – meaning the poverty of the Country “Poor Filipinos!” - - saying the misery of the people. “Poor Philippine Government!” – stating the lackluster of the ruling administration. Though bitter and shameful, anyone of the said expressions could be used by the Department of Tourism. At least, all of them say the truth and say this with gusto. Truth knows no party - - even that avidly and repeatedly claiming inherited sanctity and avowed integrity. Competence? Never mind!

If sanctity and integrity without competence were enough for good and effective governance, then let the Pilipino voters put a Mother Superior in Malacanang!

29 NOVEMBER 2010