Monday, November 15, 2010

marriage 2

Taking into account what is marriage and what for is marriage, it becomes but just and proper to bring to fore certain plain thoughts and simple conclusions--for the consideration of those willing to listen and to take into account, less a supposedly blessed state of life instead become a cursed union. By way of a fundamental preliminary advisory: Marriage is not for the fainthearted because it is more challenging than merely satisfying, neither for the unstable and ambivalent whereas it is a continuously and insistently trying state of life, nor for those who are good at doing nothing simply because it is one of self-sacrifice after another.

Firstly, to enter into a soluble marriage, a time-restricted marriage as well a marriage with the so called “Pre-nuptial Agreement”--these can be anything but marriage. A “soluble” marriage is itself an argument against getting marriage at all. A “time-restricted” marriage is making this but an ordinary contract that is not only subject to the lapse of time but also open to dissolution. A marriage preceded by a “Prenuptial Agreement” is a separating factor even before the marital union becomes a fact.

Furthermore, it is sad but true that marriage is not for constitutionally selfish, egoistic or individualistic persons. These counter-marriage disposition and behavior may not be their fault, nor do they really want to be thus inclined. It nevertheless remains a reality that marriage is not for them. Reason: Marriage is a merger of two persons, a union of two hearts, a complementation of two lives. Let it herein said without malice or ill-will that to grow old as single is very much better that have a “broken” marriage.

Finally--and this is a pity but the truth remains--woe to anyone who marry someone with an anti-social personality, a bipolar constitution, a psychical incapacity, or a downright mental disorder. Let it be herein noted that all such contra-marriage factors usually originate from an emotionally unhealthy family environ, a juvenile delinquency if not an afflicted bloodline. All these adverse factors for marriage intents and purposes are sad and pitiful. But the truth stands despite all sentiments to the contrary .

It is easy to get married but difficult and trying to stay married. In the same vein, it is easy to have children but challenging and exacting to support and care for them, to give them value formation and provide for their education. This why heroes and heroines are those husbands and wives who stay married for life, those fathers and mothers who come up with upright and educated children. Otherwise, those who dared marry while marriage is not for them, walk but at the by-ways, so to speak.

15 NOVEMBER 2010