Friday, November 12, 2010

marriage 3

Lately, it was reported that someone prominent and celebrated signified the marriage option sooner or later. It is common knowledge that the subject party concerned has lived one and alone for a good number of years. It is this intriguing announcement and interesting news that occasion this three-fold plain and simple essay on marriage. For a start, it is both good and true to say that everybody is an expert in marriage. On the other hand, it is also a fact that a big number of couples get married more out of instinct and custom – without the proper understanding of the rather signal nature and the inherent consequences of marriage. For this reason, as they find it easy to get married, easy too they decide to separate.

Here is the correct notion of marriage, irrespective of race, color and creed of people – except for one particular belief that one man is equals two, three or even four women: Marriage is basically an indivisible and insoluble union of a man and woman for their mutual welfare and the good of the children born of their union. Such is the nature and finality of marriage according to the law of nature – without any appeal to higher values. And such is the essence and finalities of marriage – irrespective if one or both of the married couple believe it or not. There are realities that do not change only because some individuals want them otherwise.

Marriage is “indivisible” means exactly that, i.e., there are but one man and one woman who are united in marriage in marriage. Not one more or several else living and sharing the same marriage - - otherwise adultery becomes but a little frank.

Marriage is “insoluble” precisely tells it as such, i.e., it is a lifelong union of a marriage couple death does them part”. In other words, marriage has no expiration date – except for the demise of one of the spouses. A soluble marriage is a big joke.

Marriage is the “union of a man and a woman” - neither a man who is a woman nor a woman nor a woman who is a man, in disposition and actuation. Marriage is for the “mutual welfare” of the couple – neither that of the man nor of the woman alone. Marriage is for the “good of the children” – otherwise, the couple would engage in irresponsible parenthood.

The essence and finality of marriage being what they are as determined by natural law and affirmed by sound human reason, it is definite and defined that there are men and women who are not meant for marriage. They may have many attributes and potentials for many human agenda – but not marriage. As it is wisely said: “Let those who have ears listen”.

12 NOVEMBER 2010