Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Hell is full of good intentions"

So the saying goes. Mere intentions though right, just and proper, do not count in the world of realities. The maxim acquires bigger significance and relevance when but good intentions are the response given to hard hitting actualities of graft and corrupt practices, of cheats and frauds. This is not meant to say that bad intentions are great – even but taking into account that such are precisely the launching pad of errant conduct, disastrous behavior. The known saying simply means that mere intentions no matter how good and great even, do not eradicate vice nor bring about virtue.

The maxim acquires greater significance in terms of politics, in view of governance. In other words, rhetoric is pleasant to hear and at times even worth repeating. But that’s it. As some say: Words plus more words cause but verbal diarrhea. For that reason, speeches and promises – no matter how well thought of and put into elegant writing - - remain sterile when they are kept divorced from realizations. In the same way, mere talks and more talks are irrelevant to good governance that demands definite and defined actions in accord with the nature and implications of truth and justice.

Specifically in conjunction with the present government, someone whose standing wisdom and long expertise in politics are beyond question, recently said that the said government could be likened to running a “Student Council” – or something the like. It was even said that certain existing and working Student Councils took offence at the comparison. True or not, it is not really hard to see and say that there is much to be desired in the workings of the incumbent administration. A big majority of the people voted it in power, inspired by the vision proclaimed behind it. But to date, there are more and more sectors of Philippines society that are disillusioned by way the government is run.

This is not in any way intended to say that running a national government is easy and fun. This truth acquires particular significance in the state of the nation left behind by the past administration. And this is also precisely the reason why people in general voted into Office someone they thought could do nothing wrong – after practically all the wrongs already done before his incumbency. This makes the saying that “Hell is full of good intentions” particularly relevant--considering that no major change has been made so far to counter the still obtaining sad plight of the country.

But people as a whole are willing to wait. After all, they are very used to that. After all, they are very used to waiting in the past. But then, they also proved not once but twice that their waiting still has an end. Meantime, it is good for the present administration to gradually but surely show that it is not wallowing in but good intentions. Pursuant good actions are definitely called for in the days to come.

10 NOVEMBER 2010