Monday, November 22, 2010

governance by principle

While they are certainly some other big and formidable problems specifically in conjunction with the present administration, a distinct one come in the marked liability of observing governance by personal friendship and by political gratitude--instead of governance by principle such as “Ang Tamang Daan”, “Ang Daang Matuid” or similar expressions. The truth of the matter was that any new administration was very much welcome after the infamous previous one that was equated with the incarnation of the pairing of “Graft and Corruption”. In fact this national tragedy precisely brought about another nice sounding principle of governance: “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.”

The fact of the matter, however, is that the incumbent administration brought to fore the reality of governance by personal friendship. Objective realities such as administrative talents and governing capacity – among other basic requirements of good and effective governance – have been ceding in favor of who are the friends of the Chief Governor. The appalling over-all result of such an official inanity is one and the same, viz., it is business as usual whereby objective realities cede to but personal preferences.

The truth in the issue is that the present administration further affirmed the liability of governance by political gratitude. While the virtue of gratitude is praiseworthy in general, this is fatal for righteous and effective governance. This is not something too profound to know nor too complex to understand. This reality is definitely something worth perceiving and duly observing when someone pursues and acquires government service through the tenure of a public office – especially so when this is at the top of the line.

The reality of the question is that the existing administration is reactive instead of being pro-active in deportment and perspective. There are projects but no over-all programs. In the event that there are programs, there is however no honest to goodness national plan. To help the poor is a great objective. The only problem is that one government after another were/are all pro-poor. But the hard-hitting historical phenomenon is that the people are even now poorer.

Let the administration know and remember: That it is funded by the people and it is funded by the people and it is the people who have the rightful claim to the benefits of governance by principle. That a governing life of six years is to long for an inept administration yet too short for a government by principle. That popularity and acclaim - - especially when but simply borrowed not owned by the public official concerned – are short lived when confronted by ineptness in administration and incapacity for governance.

Are these too hard to understand!?

22 NOVEMBER 2010