Friday, November 26, 2010

elementary observations on the RH bill

With all due respect to the President and to all those in the Legislative Department following his lead on the so call “RH Bill”, it is but right and proper for them to take into consideration the following simple and basic observations – herein forwarded with malice towards none, with good will towards all:

To start with, the RH Bill is a huge misnomer. It is definitely not “Reproductive” in nature and finality whereas it is precisely anti-reproduction whereas it is decidedly unfavorable to couples, considering the ill-effective of chemical based pills and injectable plus provided recourse to mutilation like vasectomy and tubal ligation.

The RH Bill sadly looks at population as its national enemy whereas it causes poverty; it breeds criminality and other social maladies. It fails to consider the reality that population is wealth – on proviso that government really works and truly serves, conducts itself with integrity and honesty, fulfills its altruistic mission than indulge in self-service. Why it that evens the mighty U.S.A. is afraid of China with its really big population yet having a world class economy? Is it not a fact that the OFW is part of the Philippines population that is keeping the Country economically afloat? Why is it that all Filipinos pay indirect taxes at lease from birth to death, and yet their debt as a people is in fact becoming bigger and more?

The RH Bill is in effect promoting contraceptives, some of which are also abortifacient according to medical and pharmaceutical experts. Yes, the contraceptives specifically try to prevent conception. But here they do not stop. When they fail to stop conception, they further destroy the fact itself of conception – which is abortion in pure and simple term. Among others, this is exactly the case of the “Morning Pill After” (RU-486) which is marketed in the U.S.A. as “Mifiprex”. The same is true with the so called “Plan B” and “Optinor”. This is not to mention the likewise ultimately abortifacient effect of the IUD in the event of unwanted pregnancy.

The RH Bill thus violates the 1987 Constitution as enunciated in” Section 12, Article II” “The (State) shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception”. This is one of the most signal and sublime provisions of the Philippine constitution for its respect for the human person behind conception. When a government dares fool around with human beings, then the governed would be in big trouble. This is the constant lesson of history.

26 NOVEMBER 2010