Monday, November 08, 2010


No. this is in no way meant to joke with a supposedly sacred titled, a noble attribution given to distinct clerics in the Universal Catholic Church. Neither is this intended to fool around with a revered designation of Bishops in terms of a “D.D.” placed right after their names. What then is this all about? It’s about truth and reality vis a vis assumption and presumption. The pivotal question is this: What does “Doctor of Divinity” really mean?”

The moment a Churchman becomes a bishop, he automatically gets a “D.D.” that is thus appended to his name. Questions: Is the title a reality or merely a courtesy? Does the title truly means what is says? And what is the doctorate all about? Taking into account what a Doctorate actually means how on earth someone could or anyone for that matter is a “Doctor of Divinity”. The truth of the matter is that even but a “Master” in Divinity” escapes understanding, the more enigmatic is a “Doctor” in the same most sacred and mysterious subject-object.

Truth to say, the title escapes reason and logic. While reason knows that there is a difference between one and three, it cannot anyway understand much less explain the supernal reality of three-in-one or one-in-three – that is specifically the nature of the pertinent “Divinity”. Faith on the other hand may not but simply accept the threefold constituency of “Divinity” which is at the same time an essential unity. In other words, both reason and faith fall short of really grasping “Divinity” – as the case should be. Otherwise if reason and/or faith dare claim comprehension of “Divinity” believed and adored by the Catholic Church or the claim is but deceptive and thereby complete bogus.

And here comes the international and serious conferment of a “Doctorate in Divinity” upon a clerical the moment this is ordained a Bishop who wherefore become a “Doctor of Divinity”. The attribution is definite but not defined. It is unconditional but at the same time unexplainable. Reason: To be a “Doctor of Divinity” is too pretentious to be true, too supernatural to fit but mortals, i.e., too divine to be said of but humans as Bishops are and remain from the date of their episcopal ordination to the date of their demise.

If the title is but honorary in meaning as it is but automatic in conferment, then it boarders the realm of sacrilege. On the other hand, if the title is really meant and intended, then this already enters the sphere of deceit. In other words: Help! What does “Doctor of Divinity” really mean? How could someone truly become so knowing of Divinity? How could anybody become a “Doctor” in anything, automatically?

08 NOVEMBER 2010