Friday, November 05, 2010


This is in the realm of intentions vs realizations, in the sphere of fantasy vs actuality. Thus it is that there are concepts which are noble and inspiring - - with the realities however emerging therefrom that prove as not only undesirable but also shameful it not abominable. This is definitely not to say that all good concepts come out as bad realities. This is only meant to point out some three signal and lamentable realities in the Country today that readily show their marked dissonance with the concepts they started from.

First is the blatant distinction between the lofty concepts of the so called “Party Representative” intended to attend to the legitimate interests and concerns of marginalized sectors of Philippines society. I is but fair and even just that they should have congressional representations both to protect their rights and promote their welfare through needed and relevant legislations. The reality however that in general, it can be readily noted that the congressional figures elected are individuals who represent anything but the interests and concerns of the forgotten sectors in the Country. It is enough to think of most of the personalities thus elected vis a vis their actual status is far divorced from the depressed and/or oppressed sectors in the Philippines they are precisely meant to represent and stand for.

Second is the living opposite between the ideal behind the “Sanguniang Kabataan” (SK) and the dismay this brings to Philippines society as amply evidenced in the recently concluded elections. The youth should be concerned with, update about and active in their respective Barangays, particularly the needs and clamor of the young people therein. But look and behold what have they done, v.g., how many of their colleagues have they influenced towards what is right and proper if any and in the last elections, it is enough to take note of how they but copied precisely the devious and odious ways of traditional politicos.

Third is the so called “Truth Commission”. To seek the truth through a committee with a mission – knowing the huge and high pile of the stinking garbage of graft and corruption left behind by the past administration – is not simply right but also just. The complex difficulty in the concept is precisely there seems to be no functional Commission and truth is still nowhere to be found. Is the Commission constitutional? What authority or power has the Commission? And what happens to its eventual findings, if any?

What then? It is rational to continue holding on to the beautiful concepts when their realities are ugly? What is right and proper to do with both concepts and realities prove to be in fact antithetical?

05 NOVEMBER 2010