Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Thus goes the title of the Speech made by the Lady Senator which stands in command of the following attributes: One, it was delivered with someone not only known for her personal courage but also in command of a sharp legal mind. Two, it is premised on the concrete information gathered from the many sources and much resources of her long standing Office. Three, it must be wherefore attentively read and seriously understood for its proper reference and practical observance.

Among the distinct and signal data provided and forwarded by the said Speech about Jueteng, are the following -- with immense social significance and ethical implications to both the present and the future situation of this Country more specifically in conjunction the much trumpeted "Matuid na Landas" -- or something the like -- with manifest relevance to the gross graft and consuming corruption from the local to the national levels of governance:

a. Thesis about the reality of Jueteng:

a. Pro-Jueteng collaboration between local Gov. Officials plus local Police
Authorities equal Jueteng.

b. Anti-Jueteng collaboration between local Gov. Officials plus local Police
Authorities mean no Jueteng.

c. Dissension between local Gov. Officials and local Police Authorities about Jueteng indicate the presence or absence of Jueteng, depending who has the strong determination for or against Jueteng,

b. Considered Topnotch Jueteng Daily Gross Receipts by Province:

1st. Laguna: Pesos 14 Million
2nd. Pampanga and Pangasinan: Pesos 9 Million
3rd. Batangas - Pesos 8.5 Million

c. Perceived Jueteng Operators in Region I:

a. I. Norte and I. Sur: Gov. Singson
b. Abra and La Union: Gov. Singson
c. Pangasinan: M. Urduna/Boy Bata

"If the interior secretary commands his forces to stop illegal gambling, the stars in heaven will stop, and the Philippines will be Jueteng-free." Thus proclaims the Lady Senator and thus wholeheartedly agrees the KRUSADANG BAYAN LABAN SA JUETENG!

06 OCTOBER 2010