Wednesday, October 20, 2010


“Pro Choice”: It is salutary to hear and encouraging contemplating. It is very human in its substance and humane in its implications. “Pro Choice” properly means and correctly implies that all ordinary adults in particular, have their respective intellectual faculty plus will functions to depend on and use accordingly. As already well known and understood, the usual working collaborative interaction between the intellectual and volitional attributes of every man and woman goes this way: First, the intellect comes to know something as to its nature, implications and consequences. Second, the will decides to have or pursue it if the thing is truly good, proper or right - - or resolves to avoid it or have nothing to do with it if the thing thus known is a actually bad, improper or wrong. Third, the person concerned feels good or bad, depending on the eventual option and consequent action he or she took between the alternative of good or bad, right or wrong.

Thus it is that in the realm of sound reason and in the corresponding sphere of likewise sound value system – not to mention the fundamental norms of ethical philosophy – the human will by nature seeks and actualized what is good, true or just according to the dictate of right conscience. In other words, objectively speaking, there is only choice in favor of what is virtuous – not what us vicious. Precisely, practically all serious personal liabilities, major family predicaments and big social problems are favored dishonesty, infidelity and corruption, respectively.

In other words, personal and domestic welfare as well as community and social common good, demand that people responsibly and consistently exercise their faculty of choice in favor of what is objectively right and actually just. Strictly speaking wherefore, choosing instead what is inherently wrong and in effect unjust can be made an option – but for a cost always, for a profound and pervasive cost at times. Again, given his or her operative deliberative faculty, a man or a woman is only free to choose what is ethical or moral – certainly not what is unethical or immoral.

The phrase wherefore “Pro-Choice” is great to contemplate and noble to act upon, not unless it is intentionally coined and twisted in order to purposely accommodate - - favor or defend – the freedom to choose what is objectively vicious or evil, purposely depraved or nefarious: Is there really a right or sound choice between life or death, between peace or war, between integrity or deceit, between poverty and development, and so on? Is there? If there really is, then this is really a helpless world, a cursed humanity!

20 OCTOBER 2010