Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The continuous graft and corrupt practices even in the advent of a new administration making the powerful increasingly wealthy while converting the helpless into but socio-economic pawns. The continuous exploitation of the poor through all kinds of illegal number games not to mention the marked growth of gambling addicts through the so called ;ega; "Gaming Corporations". More. The aggravating proliferation of illegal drugs. The phenomenon of the flesh trade plus the omnipresence of pomographic materials. The violation of women and the abuse of children. Thieveries and robberies. More. The prevalent disregard for human rights -- inclusive of the violent ending of human lives. The savage massacres here and there hand-in-hand with the forced disappearances of individuals. Kidnappings proper and carnappings as well. More. The long standing reality of the "Left" plus the covert truth of the "Right" that are in effect the same in their desire and design to grab governing power. The so called "Separatists" who wish and want to have their own country through peaceful or violent means.

Having some, many if not all of the above continuing major social aberrations and ethical reversals that seem invincible and thus appear irreversible, the logical thought and pursuant phrase of "Political Will" comes to mind and consequent invocation, respectively. Needless to say, it requires neither expertise nor professionalism to know and understand what the often repeated cry of "Political Will" means - in general. That is to say, it simply expresses the much desired attribute of resolve or decisiveness specially on the part of elected public officials to clean and clear their respective jurisdictions of such nauseating socio-ethical aberrations, and thereby establish the reign of justice and peace among their constituents.

The truth of the matter is that "Political Will" as thus understood, can only be attributed to government officials who stands in firm possession of the following virtues: First and foremost is incorruptibility specially in terms of dirty money and/or power addiction, Second but still necessary is character that remains firm and certain in the distinction between good and evil, virtue or vice, that must be decidedly pursued or rejected, respectively. Third and also important is the ingrained sense of altruism as essential to the nature of any public Office, in contradiction to self-service, dynastic preference and/or personal friendship over and above what is true, right and just.

Above premised said, it thus stands to reason that relatively few people in tenure of public offices or in possession of government positions, have "Political Will" in its inherent significance and consequent implications. Most of those concerned will have more or less thereof-if not nothing of it.

22 OCTOBER 2010