Monday, October 04, 2010


THERE is this interesting development in the present Legislature-as well as in the mind of well meaning ordinary citizens—that in order to stop Jueteng once and for all, this downright illegal and pernicious numbers' games should be instead "legalized". And the long-standing and pervasive problem brought about by this infamous racket will go away, disappear and remain but a bad dream. From the "Cobradores" up to their "Cabos" could then continue to have their livelihood. From the "Revisadores" up to the "Caja" and "Pagadores" would then keep their jobs. Lastly but not least important, the "Protectors", the "Operators" and "Jueteng Lords" themselves could be in peace and at ease as their syndicated work would eventually become "legal"—according to law, provided by law, sanctioned by law as if anything legal is automatically ethical, ipso facto moral.

For the honest and flank consideration of all those concerned—the millions of Filipinos specially those who know the distinction between objective good and evil, between true virtue and vice, between valuable discipline and tolerance, between sincerity and hypocrisy, between moral weakness and strength—it might be then but proper and practical to forward the following observations:

One: If this government cannot even stop such an open and simple deception, public and blatant corruption found in Jueteng, then, what is it really capable off? Continuous direct and indirect taxes from birth to death of every Filipino, millions and millions of intelligence funds, thousands of policemen, detectives and other law enforcers—and all these are worth nothing and thus do nothing when confronted by Jueteng. Why?

Two: If this government that claims to be the incarnation of integrity, probity and honesty, would legalized Jueteng, what would it legalize next—simply because it is incapable of stopping them, viz., prostitution, illegal drugs, abortion and other long standing vicious practices in the country such as graft and corruption, money laundering and tax evasions? It should also legalized "masiao", "suertes", "ball-2", etc.etc. Why not?

Three: If this government is in fact basically disabled or actually incapacitated to rule according to the basic demands of justice and truth, by reason of either the incompetence of the key persons running it or on account of their lack of moral strength, then two immediate questions that come to mind are the following: What is it for and why it is there at all? Does the "boss" make but a good sound bite after? Why so?

04 October 2010