Friday, October 08, 2010


There are many errant thoughts and angry talks, the good amount of confused and confusing claims, the sudden appearance of experts in the matter of "excommunication"—with bitter and insulting missives especially to the members of the hierarchy and the clergy amid confusion and hysteria that suddenly and bitterly emerged on the occasion. That being the case, it might be proper to briefly and candidly clarify the matter even if only through the few, simple and candid observations about the now infamous subject matter of “excommunication"—which is:

One: An admittedly serious censure imposed upon Catholics for having effectively committed a serious forbidden act. While they may remain Catholics if they so desire, once excommunicated, they lose the privilege of receiving the Sacraments—Holy Communion in particular—in the same way that they are excluded from the beneficial prayers of the Universal Church the world over.

Two: There are in truth but three categorical excommunications which are automatically imposed and incurred by Catholics who in fact committed the act precisely censured by the penalty of excommunication: One, the effective commission of abortion, not the mere desire or design thereof. Two, the effective violation of the Seal of Confession by a priest, not the mere plan or intent to do it. Three, the serious attempt at the life of the Holy Father, irrespective of whether he dies or survives it.

Three: Open advertisement, sale, distribution of chemical or synthetic contraceptives may be in particular promotional of promiscuity "without borders" and a great incentive to irresponsible copulation, irresponsible procreation and irresponsible parenthood. Strictly speaking as such, they are not subject to automatic excommunication.

Incidentally, aside from "automatic excommunication", there is the "Imposed Excommunication". This species of excommunication undergoes administrative or judicial process prior to its penal imposition. This case has particular application to multinational pharmaceuticals who manufacture downright abortifacients as a mere business and money making venture. Let them know that those who receive, buy and use their products could in fact kill thousands upon thousands of the unborn. Needless to say, they have much to answer for their downright murders—especially before any god they might still have

As a final word, the Church cannot and may not play blind, deaf and dumb to the incursions of contraceptives and abortifacients in this country. Teach she does. Proclaim she insists. Act she must. Those who do not want to listen, to follow, to abide by the Church stand, then they are on their own. It is their own call. It is their own option. It is their own accountability.

08 October 2010