Friday, October 15, 2010


There is a fundamental, real and essential distinction between the Catholic Church and the Catholic Churchmen. This signal and living reality could be easily overlooked if not actually ignored. Yet, its significance and consequences however may not be over-emphasized - even if only for a clearer and better understanding of the Church and the Churchmen. To unconsciously miss or deliberately ignore this profound and relevant truth is not merely pitiful but also disastrous for all those concerned, viz, the people in general, the Churchmen in particular, and the Church in a special way. In other words, let the Church and Churchmen be not confused with one another - under penalty of confusion and falsity. ,

The Church is the ecclesial Institution founded by Christ some 2000 years ago, The Church is but one of a kind, apostolic in origin, universal in scope and holy on account of her Founder the Lord Jesus Himself- the Son of God. Everything that is intrinsic to the Church is holy - like her doctrine, her sacraments, her devotions, her prayers. In short, a Holy Founder established a Holy Church for holy purposes here and now, in view of a holy destiny hereafter and beyond.

The Churchmen on the other hand - Deacons, Priests, Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals, Popes included -- are but human beings who are even stained by original sin from birth. At times, they even fall into personal sins - be these light, grave or mortal. While the Church they belong to and minister for, is inherently holy, the Churchmen however are sinful. In fact, some of then are the big shame of the Church as well as the big curse of people affiliated with the Church by baptism - by Catholic faith and morals.Truth to say, there seems to be no decade in Church history, no time span in Church life that is altogether spared from bad Clerics. It is only by the grace and mercy of' God Himself that most of the members of the Catholic Clergy do live with much honestly, unconditional integrity and genuine holiness.

What is the purpose of all the above observations - on the absolute holiness of the Church vis-a-vis the sinfulness of some of the Catholic Clerics? This: Recently, on account of the mere mention of "excommunication" - strange but true - there was an immediate and admirably well orchestrated move that was directed not only against Churchmen but also versus the Church herself as gross, cruel and archaic. In fact, there were numerous immediately organized hysterical calls called, judgmental texts sent and insulting comments made. Moreover, at the same time, there was a "Damaso" or someone making trouble in a Church precisely with himself- interestingly enough - precisely having "damasonic" physical features in both looks and gestures. As noted, even the real "Damaso" was could not be equated with the Church.

15 OCTOBER 2010