Monday, October 25, 2010


It is becoming more and more noticeable that the present administration seems to be lost in its self-proclaimed patrician vision and self-assumed noble mission. Briefly, it says one thing without thinking what it really means and what it actually implies. It proclaims something, not realistically aware of its innate nature and consequences. Clearly, this is in no way meant either to downgrade the person of the principal concerned or to demean the capacity of the latter"s good chosen friends and preferred close associates. It simply means that there seems to be something basically queer and illusory between the words said and the deeds that thereafter follow in the course of time. There appears to be something strange between the thought pronouncements and the actual engagements of the present administration -all of which, sincerely and hopefully, would prove "hogwash" in street, straight and strong language.

Then: "Ang matuid na daan."
Now: "Nasaan kaya yah?"

Then: "Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap!"
Now: "Dami ninyo, kaya maghirap kayo!"

The: "Kayo ang boss ko."
Now: "Ako ang boss ninyo! Ano binu-buenas kayo!"

Now, specifically in conjunction with the Philippine population, before someone went to the U.S.A. recently, his invocation was clearly and repeatedly "Responsible Parenthood". Upon return to the Country, the battle cry can be said to be along these lines" "Come one and all. Choose your contraceptives. Pills. Injectibles. Rubbers of various sizes, colors and flavors. Take then, have them free - courtesy of public funds." What?

Never mind if it is population like the OFW who keep the Country economically afloat! Never mind if Singapore is much worried about its dwindling population! Never mind if China is an economic giant because of its big population! Never mind if certain contraceptives are also abortifacient. Never mind if chemical based means that counter conception, brings about defective children when the women who took them, thereatter eventually decided to have children. Wow!

Do not ask where the multi-billion direct and indirect taxes continuously paid by the millions of Filipinos from birth to death go! Do not ask why the PNP, the NBI, the ISAP - and what have you - cannot maintain social peace and right order. Why?

18 OCTOBER 2010