Monday, October 18, 2010


No less than the holder of the highest public Office in the Country, in tenure wherefore of awesome governing power all over the land and likewise in command of all available personnel and possible means to execute not only the laws of the Philippines but also his official options as well as personal preferences, was described or identified as someone “Above Faith” – this is not only an announcement that is highly dangerous but also downright frightful to people in general under such a faith-less leadership.

Among other things, when someone is said be “Above Faith”, this means that the individual concerned may say publicly correct statements but with dishonestly in the private context, may pronounce externally acceptable plans, programs and projects, yet deliberately entertains vicious or vitiated thoughts about them. Worse, it is an imputation that does not simply mean that someone is without God but in effect even above divinity – if any. It is already perilous when an atheist relates with others who have a given faith they live with and morals they subscribe to. It is very much worst and risky when someone is not only godless also devoid of morally.

“Above Faith” – quite recently, this is exactly how expressly, clearly and publicly a member of the Press Office of Malacanang branded the incumbent President of the Philippines. And to this date, neither downright denial nor acceptable explanation is heard from the same source – or someone from the higher Office. Worst. Even the person directly referred to by the same ominous descriptive label remains strangely calm and quiet. One thing is certain: watch out, people of the Philippines, if your president is “Above Faith” – any faith for that matter!

This is actually the living, hazardous and even fatal reality in someone who is “Above Faith”: He in fact thinks acts and behaves like God! This falsity and fiasco brought to the socio-political forum is not something unknown and wherefore duly recorded especially in the early history of humanity. Every now and then in the distant past, when people were not aware of their inherent dignity and inalienable rights, strange but powerful characters came to fore, and ruled them as slaves and chattels. Truth to tell however, to these time and age there are still these few godless individuals who still manage to frighten people and control them as the latter’s petty Gods whereas they are precisely “Above Faith”.

In the event that such a creepy predicate and scary trait appended to the President of the supposedly “Tamang Daan” or something the like, is not outright denied or possibly explained, then: Pitiful Filipino! Poor Philippines! There are then big and tumultuous socio-political troubles ahead. You bet!

18 OCTOBER 2010