Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Waiting is not such a burden to bear – if the one waiting somehow knows when the waiting would be over. But it is altogether different when the waiting remains beyond a given time frame, when the wait is but suspended animation, when the waiter is just simply waiting for something, somehow, sometime. It is in these instances that the phenomenon of waiting . . waiting . . . waiting, enters the sphere of exasperating realities or goes to the realm of depressing factors in human existence and living.

Incidentally, the above threefold waiting exactly fits and applies to the following threefold wait” One, waiting for the so called “Truth Commission” even but to really exist and become actually operative. Two, waiting for emergence of even but one truth about the many horrible acts and/or sickening actuations of the previous glorious administration. Three, waiting for the key characters of the same government, not only to be “out” but “off” as well. Meantime, the waiting . . . waiting . . . waiting goes on. And such is certainly neither fun or joy for people who simply want the truth productive of justice and eventually leading to social order and peace.

The more fraudulent a given graft stands, the more censurable a corrupt practice becomes, the more objectively easy and the more judicially viable becomes the rule of law. It is enough to think and consider but the truth and implications of the such a great drama titled “I am sorry.” And such will be enough for the moment simply because to invoke and reflect upon the long litany of big graft and enormous corrupt practices on the part of the immediately past administration and its cohorts, would simply make the stomach turn. There must be some kind of a hierarchical standing in the nature and guilt of such disgusting and depressing unethical conduct and behavior. And the “first” in ignominy and adverse social impact among them, can also be the “first” served.

Meantime, the queries remain and the quest for justice continues. Thus, when would these question be ultimately answered: When would the maxim “Crime does not pay.” Become realistic and relevant? How could a criminal be allowed to benefit from the crime the same committed, be tolerated in exaltation and joy from the crime perpetrated by the same? Otherwise, crime really pays and the criminal thereby becomes blessed and enviable – in relation to and comparison with the honest and upright, the reputable and honorable. As long as crimes become lucrative and profitable, as long as criminals remain proudly waiving their hands and giving big smiles left and right, then:

The waiting . . . waiting . . . waiting continues. But for how long? Why? Till when? The answer likewise is waiting. How long will people have to wait, up to when are they willing to wait – this is the crux of the matter.