Wednesday, September 01, 2010


As a right and proper ending of this subject matter of “Sex Education”, it has now become both fruitful and practical to make a full circle thereabout in the sense that there it started and there also shall it end. Question: What are the clear and given premises of this short and simple treaties in conjunction with education about sex? Answer: Firstly, it acquired the interest and concern of the Department of Education in particular. Then, the same Department considered it necessary to have sex education modules, booklets and similar literature composed, printed and accordingly funded. Lastly, as a matter of course, the said Department tasked some teachers in selected public schools to handle the subject matter and do the teaching thereof to duly chosen Elementary and High School students in the school premises. Needless to say, the starling statement of the previous Secretary of Health to give “Sex Education” even to “Kindergarten” pupils was not taken seriously. In this final part of this seven-part submission on “Sex Education”, it will be enough to offer the following seven pointers as well:

One: Human sexuality is not only a sensitive and delicate matter, but also has the strong potential for grave wrong doing and even animalistic action and reaction pattern - - if not learned well and right.

Two: Human sexuality is not thus just like any “subject matter” that may be “taught” even by learned teachers as but a “school course” – taking into account not simply its rather intimate nature but also its signal implications.

Three: Human sexuality then should be taught by parents to their children – according to their pertinent needs as perceived by the father and/or mother, considering that children of the same age may need the different formation.

Four: Human sexuality taught to the children by their own parents then automatically acquires the dimensions of respect and deference such that the object of learning automatically becomes divested of malice and vice.

Five: Human sexuality taught at home by parents to their own children thereby furthermore acquires its home ambiance, thereby making the agenda twice sound and honorable as far as the kids are directly concerned.

Six: Human sexuality is definitely a part of the value formation that parents have the serious obligation to make their own children learn – under penalty that these would know about “sex” the wrong way, from wrong individuals.

Seven: Human sexuality – in case known by teachers how to make their pupils learn it – could instead teach their parents how teach the latter’s children through the “Parents’ Teachers’ Association”.

(The end!)