Friday, September 10, 2010


Still going on in its hideous reality, its shameful significance and detestable implications the now so called recently experienced hostage “crisis”, “phenomenon” and similar nomenclature, remains a ignominious entry in Philippine History. It’s open and extensive staging in no less than a signal place in the heart of Metro-Manila - - plus its rather prolonged “real time” video coverage by international media for the whole world to witness – cannot be faulted in its vivid and impressive presentation, showing both its shocking nature and pitiful consequences. While some foreigner irremediably lost their lives, this Country as a whole, lost not only its face but its honor as well.

In other words, the hostage debacle exhibited for the world to witness to, in no less than a prominent open park named even after a Filipino great hero, is something guaranteed to remain in local stinging memory and bitter foreign recall. It is said that no Country and no people is the beneficiary of the horrendous event. The Philippines however remains as its biggest loser – courtesy of the Philippine National Police, its built-in hierarchy plus its highest supervising official chosen and appointed by no less than Malacanang itself. The same personality however had to admit his ignorance about hostage-taking, its proper handling and satisfactory resolution. It is so darn different from at-leisure shooting of downright inanimate, standing-still and conveniently arranged targets.

“Heads will roll,” or something the like was formally and publicly proclaimed by someone in tenure of the power or authority to do so-with clear reference to those found “guilty” for bringing the same hostage phenomenon to degraded and degrading conclusion. More than the mere “Blame Game”, it was said that the resolve was in one way or another, premised on no less than three basic causal factors: One, the principle of command responsibility. Two, the penalty for incompetence. Three, the demands of equity. All these premises thus warrant all the needed inquiries and desired investigations to identify precisely those whose heads will be made to roll for the satisfaction of those silently or loudly asking for these.

But as above already pointed out, even well during and immediately after the hostage-taking, it is rather evident that there could be a good number of low-ranking public Officials who might lose their “heads” as some kind of sacrificial gestures to those demanding their “blood” in order to somehow pacify well kept and felt anger and/or shame brought about by the spectacle of mediocrity plus futility. The stark reality however remains that the PNP leadership with its immediate Malacanang appointed over-seer have much to answer for - - notwithstanding all arguments and pretenses to the contrary.