Monday, September 27, 2010


By way of a simple introductory observation, the following are the customary and ordinary plus well faithfully observed principles and pursuant practices in the administration and operation of a National Agency - such as precisely the DILG: One, there is but one appointed Secretary as a matter of course -- keeping in mind that "Too many cooks spoil the soup". Two, there can be one or more appointed Under-Secretaries directly working under the direction and supervision of the Secretary - remembering the maxim "Divide and conquer". Three, the Secretary makes the plans, determines the agenda and assigns these to his Under-Secretaries according to their given objective expertise and personal attributions - thus observing elementary rule of "Division of labor." Conclusion: The united and coordinated effort delivers the integrated required administrative task.

But 1o and behold, while previously kept a stealthy secret, this eventually exploded and made a perplexing public knowledge - on the occasion of the hostage taking fiasco for all the civilized world to witness with profound wonder and great awe. The interesting truth then came to fore that the DILG had one Secretary in but an acting capacity, and specifically in conjunction only with the Local Government. There is however a permanent Under¬ Secretary in direct and full command of the PNP - with the Secretary himself having been "Out of the Loop.!" in the then PNP hostage drama engagement. Strange but true! One and the same Department with two independent Heads. - each one acting independently of one another!

Now concretely in the matter of the infamous and atrocious illegal numbers' game called "Jueteng". Question: Is it the local public Officials or the Police authorities who must be held censurable for actual Jueteng operation in their given territorial jurisdictions -- or be warmly praised and admired for the absence of Jueteng therein? In other words, in the evident of Jueteng proliferation or manifest Jueteng eradication in a Municipality, City and/or Province, who gets the rack or the applause - the local public Official concerned or the police authorities therein assigned?

Answer: It is to the credit of both when Jueteng becomes but history in their own territorial confined -- or the big shame and blame of both when Jueteng has a vibrant operative presence therein. The plain truth of the matter is that the established absence or the confirmed presence of Jueteng in the Country as a whole squarely depends on the mettle and resolve of the local public Officials and their respective municipality, city or provincial Police authorities concerned. Is this too hard to understand?

27 September 2010