Friday, September 24, 2010


Notwithstanding all rhetoric and propaganda made by public officials, despite all the alleged bleeding hearts for the poor brought to fore by civil authorities, and .despite loud, repeated and impressive resolves by one government after another, the stark truth and standing fact is that Jueteng continuous be an omnipotent and omnipresent disastrous, the hideous and deeply rooted vice nonchalantly continues as an alive and vibrant racket in this already too long suffering Country. Specifically in conjunction with this long lasting, disgusting and revolting national phenomenon of Jueteng in the national scene, it is in good order to point out formally and categorically the three following solid and standing truth of the matter:

One: It is exactly the poor and the helpless, the miserable and the ignorant who are continuously exploited and duped every time they are enticed and duped into betting their already few pesos in Jueteng. The reality is that for the very few bettors chosen to win by expert manipulation on account of their meager bets as "consuelo de bobo", literally thousands upon thousands of bettors are infallibly destined to lose in this well syndicated racket. What numbers win and what numbers lose - all these are at the absolute command of the Jueteng syndicates operating in their well assigned territories. In the matter of the determination of what numbers/bets win or lose, there was a time when these were decided by tampered "tambiolo" surreptitiously held in supposedly "secured" house backyards, however, behold and wonder, during these times, the winning numbers are conveniently decided and communicated by the mere use of cell phones at the dictate and wish of Operators!

Two: It is concretely the so called "Jueteng Lords" plus their "Operators" plus their "Protectors" plus their "Revisadores" plus their "Pagadores" who categorically exploit and literally robbed the said poor families and helpless individuals of their already few pesos. Result: Destitute and ignorant people remain needier than before. Meantime, the Jueteng Syndicates amass fortunes," "Protectors" enjoy more and more luxurious lives, and all payola beneficiaries happily have and gleefully keep progressively big fat bank accounts -- here and abroad.

Three: It does not take much thinking, much less any formal study that it Jueteng happily continue to operate and to proliferate for but one and the same elementary and simple reason: Those local public officials and their assigned police authorities simply love and cherish to have Jueteng operate • in their respective territorial jurisdictions. Reason: Submission of "profit" shares. Receipt of "payolas". Conclusion: Everybody is happy.