Monday, August 09, 2010


There is the old and wise saying that “Slow but sure goes far in a day.” To further complement the maxim, it is said that “haste makes waste.” There is also the advisory that “One should hit the ground, running.” These realities are in fact the premises of the parable of a running contest staged between the fox was gone fast and with pride – hitting the ground running. Meantime, the poor little turtle slowly but surely made its way – until this passed by the fox laying down by the wayside, run over by a truck!

This bring to mind the every now and then heard comment to the discredit of the incumbent President. Some of the things said are the following – or something similar: “He is a slow worker.” “He is dragging his feet.” “He acts as if he had all the time in the world”. All these perceptions may have some merit. Nevertheless, it does not deny altogether merit on the part of the governing Chief Executive – even if only for the following reasons..

There is no school for the Office of the President. And then, even if there were, it is easier for anyone to tease or heckle him – without the former however knowing the least how to do work of the latter. There is the added truth that the incumbent Malacanang symbol is definitely no only new in the Office but also relatively young for the Office. These and other arguments are certainly not meant to defend him as defend himself he readily can, but just to emphasized the truth of the above realistic saying or objective maxim which is experience based.

One thing is definitely certain and categorically true: The politically putrid and ethically rotten structural mess left behind by the previous administration is anything but easy to undo and correct, specially so in terms of a good number of errant and erratic key public Officials unfortunately left behind and still acting on their accustomed dysfunctional value system – the core norm of which is their personal advantage through self-service. People they use. Public funds they own. Their dynastic interests remain over and above all other concerns and considerations.

It can be then said that the new President is placed in a small and tight box of structural graft and corrupt practices that requires will power, strategic planning and effective moves to gradually get out of - - until it is altogether dismantled. And, needless to say, this requires some time to accomplish. It is incongruous to expect a some nine year political, social and economic mess gloriously and profitably built by the past distinctly distrusted administration, to be undone by the incumbent in a wink of an eye. Conclusion:Slow but sure goes far in a day! This is definitely not but a pro-PNOY defense – but the truth experience.

09 AUGUST 2010