Monday, August 30, 2010


“Responsible Parenthood”: In all honesty and sincerity, could anybody in his or her sound mind and good will, honestly and rightfully reject and trample upon the Catholic faith and morals teaching and endorsing “Responsible parenthood”? Would they rather endorse and applause: A man and a woman who are irresponsible in their coupling, irresponsible as well in the conception of their child, irresponsible likewise in their child’s feeding, clothing and sheltering obligation, and irresponsible too in particular about the rational obligation of forming the right and value system of the same child? Undependable and unreliable, imprudent and injudicious, thoughtless and reckless – these are some realistic qualifying expressions or more concrete descriptive manifestations of human irresponsibility such as that appended to the parenthood of couples.

In other words, there is neither any right ethical choice nor any proper moral option between responsibility and irresponsibility, specially in such an inherently serious matter as nothing less than parenthood. And the Catholic Church is officially and formally, specifically and categorically in favor and for the promotion of “Responsible Parenthood”. This reality as a matter of fact, simply means the following: First of all, parenthood is simply great in the sense that without it, there would be not only humanity on earth here and now but also no candidates for the hereafter and beyond. Secondly, parenthood in its inherent nature and immediate consequences is for couples who are not only legally/canonically authorized but also naturally/positively psychically capacitated to be fathers and mothers. And lastly, parenthood may not be but responsible in the matter of the number of children, responsible also in the choice or employ of natural means in their desired child spacing, and likewise responsible in the observance of the many serious and lasting obligations of being fathers and mothers.

The truth of the matter is that “Responsible Parenthood” is much affined with “Natural Family Planning” in terms of the following seven built-in precious and edifying factors: Both are Church teaching and urgings. Both are premised on natural Law. Both are mandates of sound reason. Both are in accord with human dignity. Both are affirmative not only of the rights but also of the obligations intrinsic to fatherhood and motherhood. Both provide reasonable guarantee for the good not only of families in general, but also of the national community and of humanity as a whole.

Irresponsible Parenthood – this is the synthesis of what some civil authorities and secular organizations and multinational pharmaceuticals are tirelessly promoting and fanatically propagating. The markedly shameful and detestable reading of such a international plan with different strategies in the national level is that those already born and enjoying life in the last analysis, hate others being also born to live and delight in the many good and great things that the world has to offer. When people adamantly deny to others what they have and enjoys – in plain language, this is called egoism, selfishness and self-centeredness. ( Is it done?)