Friday, August 20, 2010


Less it remain unsaid and unclear, there is but one ever-all conclusion that is objectively definite and defined: “Sex Education” under any other impressive name and technical or legal expression equals birth control. This is definitely neither the deduction of a paranoid mind nor the judgment of hallucinating individual. Unless they themselves are sadly ignorant of the truth, then those leading and directing the well funded and concerted effort to propagate the over-arching preoccupation of over-population in one form or another, will have to say and admit that the camouflage of “Sex Education” and other more refined expressions, are in effect anti-population in their ultimate finality and goal.

The key question that not only cries for but demands a credible if not factual answer, goes like this: What on earth would make Europe and North America in particular, willingly, continuously and even generously shell out more and more funds to finance such a anti-natalist – meaning Birth Control and Population Control – plan , program and projects? Furthermore, why would such particular sections of the world spend so much money for such insidious purpose – more specifically in Asia - - when they themselves are still suffering from depression?

The plain and simple, not only credible but factual answer to the above so called “key question”, is squarely premised on fear: The fear that the populace in those over-developed Countries might no longer be able to import so much goods and cheap foods from their perceived “over-populated” Asian Countries, in particular. The fear that not the multinational but also private business and industry might be continuously importing and hiring very cheap labor from such “over-populated” nations – instead of having local but costly labor. The fear that the same very rich and affluent Countries might be gradually but surely more and more populated by foreigners or foreign nationals – a phenomenon that has been long since progressively taking place.

And the detestable and abominable universal meddler called the Catholic Church, what business has this on earth and people? Is it not that this very old and still aging Institution should be only concerned and preoccupied with souls and spirits, with heaven and hell? Answer: These too but not only them. The Catholic Church herself is men, women and children, people, humanity, living here and now although destined to their hereafter and beyond. This is perfect in accord with their faith that ultimately looks at heaven, and in conformity with their morals that is primarily lived on earth. By the way, the Catholic Church subscribes to, proclaims and champions instead, the three following basic intrinsic doctrinal truths and sound realities: Human Sexuality. Natural Family Planning. Responsible Parenthood. (So what?)