Wednesday, August 18, 2010


For one interesting reason and intriguing cause or another, it is a subject matter that appears to be of singular concern and significant relevance such that “It refuses to die”. The Department of health is preoccupied by it as in its innovative, surprising and much advertised free condom distribution. The Department of Education is fixated by it in the production and reproduction of different school literature materials for “Sex Education”. Even Congress has it’s own long standing preoccupation about it in terms of its well known and well published “Reproduction Health Bill”.

The truth is that this particular question – taken in its generic context - - started being dealt with long since when Bejing Conference “On Women” which was in fact about birth control. More recently, there was the Copenhagen Conference about “Climate Change” which ultimately likewise ended in an on-the-side agreement about birth control. This is not to mention the maneuvers and working of the World Health Organization (WHO) that has been also long since giving generous grants, funding programs and freely distributing birth control means - - inclusive of the promotion surgical intervention as permanent birth control conditions on the part of both men or women.

There must be a big and powerful multinational engine continuously, insistently and inexhaustibly pushing birth control to the attention of all the continents of the world. Its fervent and assertive drive comes in many forms and in many ways. Different words are used and different phrases are coined. Their common denominator, however, remains essentially one and the same: Birth Control. Thus it is that “population” has become a dirty word. “Conception” is taboo. “Children” constitute a social curse.

And there is the Catholic Church perceived and considered as the villain – the arch enemy, the biggest foe, the universal adversary – of “Population Control” such as in terms of “Birth Control”, “Reproductive health”, “Sex Education” and other creative verbalizations and imaginative expressions. For heaven’s sake! What does this Church want? What does this same Church stand for? Where this old Church does gets her teachings?

Furthermore, what is wrong with birth control if done voluntary and effectively? What is wrong with curtailing the minute by minute birth of children when there is food shortage, not to mention downright poverty in many “developing” Countries? What is wherefore wrong with population control when there is precisely overpopulation in the world? There is something definitely wrong about the so called “Pro-Life” organization, “Pro-Natalist” group and similarly oriented individuals: They cannot make the earth bigger, and neither do they come out with more food, more clothes, more shelters. (Now, what?)