Friday, August 13, 2010


A mother is a both a tender and sturdy person, a delicate yet resourceful lady, a loving and at the same time a woman of discipline. The mere mention of the word “Mother” immediately brings to mind someone who has brought children to the world, which has nurtured and cared for them as youngsters, and even continues to follow them up with her maternal concern and motherly attention. She would rather go hungry and become sick, undergo pain and suffering in place of her children. These can forget, hurt and even abandon her – but remember and worry about them, wish them well and safe, these she does and continues so doing until she no longer can on account of ultimate demise.

And here is “Mother Earth” that is delicate in her situation but remains strong in her constitution that continues to secure and serve humanity that continuously tries to feed and house men, women and children – one generation after another. These frequently hurt and pain her with their indifference and the pursuit of their own selfish interests. More often than not, they even forgot about her good and even actually do not care at all about her welfare. The truth is that the more humanity becomes professionally able and technically prepared, the less they mind and care for her – their own loving and caring Mother Earth.

And considering that she remains a good and faithful mother to them, every now and then she calls their attention by pouring on them either too much rains or none at all, by jarring or jolting their complacency here and there by shaking and moving herself. In other words, Mother Earth also expects the affection and attention of her children – such as by keeping her forest, or by simply caring for her environ. Well aware is she that the more humanity looks after her wellness and integrity, the more she can serve their primary needs and legitimate interests. To put it bluntly, the wastage of Mother Earth squarely equals the annihilation of all men, women and children, i.e., all families, all their goods and assets. Yes: All!

Mining and pollution, Quarrying and deforestation. Plus human avarice and greed, carelessness and wastefulness. All these and similar destructive human activities make Mother Earth cry – not for herself but for all her children, regardless of their race, color and creed. There is only that much Mother Earth can do to cure her natural hurts and to re-create her inherent loses. And needless to say, she has her limits in this century after century of self-cure and healing, self-care and recuperation.

Help! Somebody? Anybody?

13 AUGUST 2010