Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Power, command, control, dominion, dynasty – these are some of the more common realities associated with a “Regime” in general. And rightly or wrongly, thus also distinctly stood the existential and operative main highly questionable features persistently attributed to the GMA Regime. Practically greeted with euphoria on the occasion of its constitutionally questioned succession in 2001, and also seriously doubted in its electoral validity in 2004, the Regime went on from bad to worse in the perception of the general public. In fact, when it was moribund for some time, specially so in early 2010, the Regime super Head obtained the lowest approval – trust and acceptance attributes – public ratings squarely based on repeated and tenable surveys made by different entities. So categorically and consistently low were the said public ratings that these made singular history in Philippines politics, among Philippine Presidents.

One reality however stood firm and clear. This: Meantime, the GMA element in the regime continued giving big smiles here and there, proudly waved hands to these and those people, and in fact managed to stand tall and straight – before local and foreign crowds. In other words, the distinctly over-all negative pronouncements said and denouncements made against the same Regime principal – specially on the part of the poor, the oppressed and depressed – apparently made not the slight dint at all, regarding the self-esteem and consequent self-appreciation of the then gloriously reigning visionary character. It might be worth saying that at the bottom of all such perceived socio-political adversity and ethico-social errancy, could be one of the following rudimentary conclusions:

Or: Someone is pitifully afflicted not simply with an erroneous but a really gross conscience. Anyone burdened by this disgusting if not malevolent personality feature, can be adversely impacted such that what matters is not what is right or wrong, what is virtuous or vicious, but what is advantageous, profitable and/or pleasurable to oneself.

Or: Somebody is sadly saddled by the fatal personality constitution of delusion, i.e., anyone feeling and thinking, acting and reacting independently of reality and reason. Such a personal disordered psycho-emotional stand understandably manifests the behavioral feature of nonchalance, insensibility and/or callousness.

Considering the “What is?”, “How come?”, “Why so?” of the long GMA regime, could it be that someone thereafter who took the reigns of government, is in fact repenting for so doing? Just asking a fair question!

4 AUGUST 2010